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SearocK® Baby Swing

SearocK® Baby Swing

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  • Fits 6-48 Months
  • T-Top, Bimini, Tower Compatible
  • Ships Same-Day
  • 60-Second Set-Up
  • Secure, Safe & Made to Last
  • Made in the USA

Marine-Grade Baby Swing

SearocK® is the premier marine-grade baby seat designed to elevate your child's comfort and safety both on boats and at home. Crafted to withstand the harshest salt and weather conditions, this durable seat is built to last for generations. Effortlessly portable, it seamlessly transitions between your dock and home, providing versatile seating options and shielding your little one from the sun's rays. Say goodbye to fidgety and uncomfortable children and hello to ultimate comfort. Let SearocK® keep your little ones secure and happy on board.

Product Features

  • Marine-Grade Construction: Engineered for durability in both marine environments and home settings.
  • Secure Hanging System: Four marine-grade ropes with attached carabiners enable easy suspension of the seat.
  • Enhanced Safety: Features a five-point harness to keep children safe and secure during use.
  • Comfort Cushion: Includes a plush cushion to ensure the child's comfort during extended periods of use.
  • Convenient Tray: Equipped with a tray for easy access to snacks and toys, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Safety Stabilizer: Prevents the seat from excessive rocking and ensures stability.

How To Use

  1. Find Anchor Point: Locate and test sturdy anchor points on even heights.
  2. Hang the SearocK® Swing: Wrap both suspension lines around the anchor points at equal heights.
  3. Secure 5 Point Harness: Remove the tray and carefully place your child in the swing securing the 5-point harness for safety.
  4. Adjust for comfort: Adjust the height and angle for safety and comfort.
  5. Attach Safety Stabilizer: Wrap the safety stabilizer around a secure beam below the seat.
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Bring Boat Days Back...

Keep your child occupied, comfortable, and safe, bringing boat days back into the picture. With our Marine-Grade Baby Swing, you can ensure your little one enjoys every moment on the water. Crafted for durability and comfort, it's the perfect companion for your marine adventures. Say goodbye to restless kids and hello to worry-free boating experiences with SearocK®.

For Kiddos 6-48 Months Old

SearocK® is designed for children aged 6 to 48 months, accommodating various sizes. There is no weight limit—if your child fits, they can safely enjoy the swing.

Marine-Grade Construction

The SearocK® is crafted from marine-grade materials, designed to withstand salt and sun, ensuring it lasts for generations of children and grandchildren.

Safety Guidelines

  • The SearocK should not be used while the vessel is in motion.
  • A life vest is not required when the boat is at rest, but always follow Coast Guard regulations in your state.
  • Ensure the 5-point harness is always used for safety.
  • Use the Safety Stabilizer to reduce excessive rocking.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Jimmy McCarroll
So Nice. Super easy and came like 2 days later

Love it 😀

Greg Pickering
Top notch quality

Made in the USA for the future of the USA.
Boats+Babes= Babies.
After taking your wife out on a sunset cruise with a couple cocktails, the next inevitable step is a pregnancy. And the only logical thing to do after that, is to buy a Searock for the new deck hand in training.

Karen Curley
Great quality product!

Everyone should have one on board!

Lewis Whitley
Amazing Product!

Extremely sturdy yet lightweight to handle. This is the perfect solution for babies on a boat. And it also works great on the porch too! Very high quality and love that it is made in the USA. Thank you Searock

Jennifer Ross
Searock baby swing

I bought this as a gift for my son and daughter in law to use on their boat for my granddaughter. She absolutely loves it! It is great for feeding her and keeping her occupied while being out of the sun . Would totally recommend this swing!