Frequently Asked Questions

Will the SearocK® baby seat work with a bimini?

All boats are different. The SearocK® will work with most boats and biminis. However, if you have any questions you should give us a call to be sure. Safety is our top priority.

Does my child have to wear a PFD (personal floatation device) while in the SearocK®?

Your child does not have to wear a PFD while in the seat when the boat is not underway. For more information on PFDs, visit our safety page.

Can my child ride in the SearocK® while the boat is underway?

No. The SearocK® is designed for your child to enjoy when the boat is docked, anchored, moored, or otherwise stationary. If the boat is underway, your child should not be in the SearocK®.

What age range does the SearocK® allow for?

6 - 48 months. Every child's size is different. If they can fit in the seat with safety belts, then they can sit in it. 

What is the weight limit for the SearocK®?

There is no weight limit for the SearocK®. If your child can comfortably fit in the seat, they can safely enjoy the swing.