Return Policy

We gladly accept returns of SearocK products in new condition from buyers within 6 months in the continental U.S. Should you wish to return your purchase, a full refund will be issued, minus a $25 restocking fee to offset the incurred two-way shipping costs. To facilitate the return process, SearocK will provide a shipping label for your convenience.

Please note that to qualify for a refund the following requirements must be met. 

- The SearocK must be in new condition.

Must be shipped with the provided shipping labels. Any alterations to the shipping labels will result in a void of the return process. Additionally if the return shipment is not properly delivered to the address we provide, this will also result in a cancelation of the return. 

How to File a Return:

Please send an email to including the information below so we can review and get back to you as soon as possible. 

1. Your order number from our website.

2. A brief description of the reason you are returning. 

We are here to help!