About Us


Bring Boat Days Back..

Our story starts with a restless baby, a concerned dad, and a bright idea. It was 2011 on the sandy beach of Shackleford Banks, North Carolina, when our founder realized there was nowhere suitable for his young son to relax while the boat was docked. This moment led to the creation of SearocK®, a way for even the littlest in your crew to enjoy a day spent on the water.
Our revolutionary baby seat is part rocker, part swing—all safe and sound. Crafted from the finest marine-grade materials, it's tough enough to withstand the sun and sea, yet designed with the delicate needs of children in mind. Simply hang it from any sturdy boat top, and your tiny sailor has a secure, shady spot to sway in the ocean breeze.
Seeing how SearocK brings people together has made our founder cherish quality time with his loved ones even more. In 2024, he chose to step back and let our trio take the helm. As lifelong friends who grew up exploring the same waves where SearocK® was born, we are thrilled to continue this legacy of innovation—enhancing precious moments shared over boating adventures for countless families to come.

Hope to see you shoreside!
- John, Patrick, and William

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