Safety Guidelines

Please adhere to the following safety guidelines when using our swing. Your compliance is crucial for ensuring the safety of children. 

1. Supervision: Never leave a child unattended while using the swing.  

2. 5-Point Safety Harness: Always securely fasten the child with the 5-point safety harness. Under no circumstances should a child be in the swing without the 5-point harness securely attached.

3. Age Range: The swing is suitable for children aged 6-48 months. Do not use the swing if your child does not fit within this age range.

4. Safety on Water: This product is not intended for use while the vessel is underway.

5. Coast Guard Regulations: While life vests are not required while the boat is at rest, please adhere to Coast Guard regulations and safety standards.

6. Stabilizer: Secure the safety stabilizer for optimal safety and to minimize excessive rocking.

These guidelines are designed to ensure the safety and well-being of all users. Thank you for your attention to these important safety measures.