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PFD's and Children

The United States Coast Guard published an Interim Rule in the June 24, 2002, Federal Register (67 FR 42488) requiring all children under 13 years old to wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket, that fits, when UNDERWAY on a recreational vessel: unless they are in an enclosed cabin or below decks. The regulation applies on waters subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, on the waters of states with no requirement and on the high seas beyond the territorial seas for recreational vessels owned in the United States.

Underway (definition): vessel in motion, i.e. when not moored, at anchor, or aground.

SearocK's Position Regarding PFD's

Always adhere to federal and state laws regarding pfd's. The federal law is stated in the first paragraph. Every state law that we have researched resembles the federal law and its "underway" clause. The only differences we have discovered have pertained to the age of the child, with some variance on vessel lengths.

SearocK's position is to always have a PFD on a child when underway and preferably held tight in a parent or guardians arms.

SearocK's Position Regarding Our Baby Seat

SearocK is owned by the parents of two young children. 90% of our boating time with children is when the vessel is not underway, i.e. we go to islands, tie up with friends, moor our boat at docks, etc...
When not underway, we look for a calm and relaxing place for our young ones to enjoy the day out of the sun. Practically our children are not comfortable and often hot wearing the PFD all day and when the boat is at rest. The SearocK provides a safe resting place for our infants and children protected from the sun by the top from which it is suspended.

SearocK believes the application of its seat changes with growth of our children:

SearocK believes that the controlled environment out of the sun is the best place for a child to be when not underway and in a family boating environment.

Should you have additional questions, please do your own research or call our office at (910) 520-9466 and we will provide you with the answers to your questions.

Happy Boating!!!


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