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Thank you for visiting the SearocK web page. SearocK manufactures the only marine-grade baby seat for boats and homes. The SearocK baby seat was invented during family visits on our 23-foot boat to the barrier island of Shackleford Banks in North Carolina. We quickly learned that our one-year-old son could find no comfort after playing in the sun. So we developed a baby’s boat seat that is safe and restful. 6 - 48 months. Every child's size is different. If they can sit in the seat with safety belts, then they fit in it. My 4 year old will have a snack and play video games while relaxing out of the sun under the t-top. There is no weight limit as long as the hanging points are structurally sound.







HandprintSafe & Easy to Use

The Searock baby seat is crafted to hang under any sturdy boat top (yes, this includes the ribs of a bimini) using a 4-point harness that attaches above the seat and an additional stabilizer below the seat. In the SearocK seat, my son quickly took to the natural rocking motion of the seas, and we enjoyed our day while he enjoyed a snack and napped in a safe environment protected from the sun.


Handprint Durable & Versatile

The SearocK baby seat is marine grade, so it withstands the elements of salt and weather. It is built to last for generations of kids and grandkids. It is easily transferrable to your dock and home, providing several seats in one.

The SearocK baby seat is a comfortable place for an infant to enjoy any family outing. It is for use only in no-wake areas and should never be used while a vessel is underway. Please use the SearocK baby seat responsibly and enjoy it as much as we have.

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SearocK was an exhibitor at the New England Boat show. Billy Taylor was "featured" on www.thenauticallife.com because of the positive "buzz" at the show.

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The SearocK Baby Seat costs $149.95 which includes shipping and handling for all 50 states plus Puerto Rico. Please inquire about shipping rates outside of these 50 states at info@babysearock.com. Make sure you include your entire shipping address. Most shipments will arrive within 1 week.

We use PayPal's shopping cart to process your order. You do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase your SearocK Baby Seat - PayPal will accept most credit cards.

*International Shipping now available. Please request rates at info@babysearock.com